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Dunnet Church of Scotland       Scottish Charity No:   SC 030261

Please Come Along To Our

Nite  Song

in Dunnet Church
at 8 pm
on Sunday 21st June 2015

A time of singing and prayer.
Come and join us for refreshments.
Please bring a small plate of food.

Open Air Communion for All Christians at Dwarwick Pier at 7 pm

Everyone  Welcome

NB:  Date for your Diary:   Marymas Fair, Saturday 5th September 2015

From our Ordained Local Minister   (June 2015)
Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks the topic of conversation on most people’s lips has been the weather. We are all hoping for warmer weather. But it seems that each time I have a conversation with someone about the weather we end up agreeing that despite our moans and groans we cannot change it.

Although we may not be able to change the weather there is a great deal we can change both in our lives and in our world. At school assemblies over the past few months we have been discussing people who inspire us, people such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Eric Liddell.

Martin Luther King had a dream, not the type of dream you have in you sleep, but the sort of dream you have of how you would like the world to be.

Martin Luther King grew up in America at a time when the law said that  children with different skin colours could not go to the same school. He wanted to be a minister in the church. He wanted to make the lives of black people better because some were treated very badly. He worked hard and learned about people who tried to change things in a peaceful way. He did not want to get angry and fight.

Martin Luther King gave a famous speech in Washington. He talked about his dream.Thousands of people listened to him speak. Here are some quotes from that famous speech.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

Today Martin Luther King’s dream has come true. Barack Obama is the first black president of America.  Martin Luther King is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream, a vision of the changes they would like to see in you world, in our community, in our church.

Here in Dunnet our vision is to be a welcoming Church sharing the love of God with all ages and reaching out to the community in Christ’s name.
If you have been attending Dunnet Church for more years than you care to remember or if you have come to us relatively recently and have any views please speak to me or email me lyall.rennie@btinternet.com
Meanwhile, may I wish you a happy, safe and sunny summer whatever you have planned and whatever the weather.

Best wishes, 
Lyall Rennie

From our Session Clerk    (June 2015)
Dear Friends, 

June has now arrived, and basically until now 2015, has weather-wise been very bleak.  We pray and hope that from now onwards, that we will have a good warm sunny summer to prime-up our sun-tans, and encourage visitors and tourists, that Scotland and Caithness in particular is the place to visit during the summer holidays to get all the advantages that such a holiday brings without getting fried with too hot sun-shine etc.

Our Caravan and Camping Site at Dunnet Beach has done very well with Campers
even though the weather has been on the coolish side.

Farmers too will be looking forward for more heat and sunshine to mature their crops, increase grass growth to feed their stock and nourish their livestock, and be more pleasant for their sheep as the shearing season has now begun slowly.

Friday 8th May was the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War ll.  To acknowledge all the sacrifices made for our Freedom during that war, the ringing of Cathedral and Church Bells at 11 am on Saturday 9th May to say thank you to all our Services that ensured our victory.  At the said time I rang Dunnet Kirk Bell 70 peels, and I also added 2 extra peels to acknowledge the birth of the Royal Princess on Saturday 2nd May.  I believe that Mr George Manson did likewise, when he rang Olrig Kirk Bell, Castletown.

During mid August (Friday 12th August 1955) it will be the 60th Anniversary since the Royal Yacht, Britannia, anchored in Dunnet Bay (only once) where H.M. The Queen and other members of The Royal Family disembarked and came ashore at Dwarwick Pier and paid the first Royal Visit to The Castle of Mey.  From 1956 the Royal Yacht always anchored annually in Thurso Bay near to Scrabster until and including 1997.

I will conclude the same as I did in the February Newsletter:-

60 years ago parents did their best to Teach Their Children Well (Deuteronomy 11, 1 : 4)  Telling children the stories in God’s Word is especially crucial because the Bible’s enduring truth can shape and show consequences of actions (1 Corinthians 10 : 11) 

Their future depends on it. 

Teach your children well.  The character of your children tomorrow, depends on what you put into their hearts and heads today.

Yours sincerely,
George M. Douglas

From our Elder at The General Assembly

I was privileged to attend this year's General Assembly in Edinburgh from 16th- 22nd May, one of six commissioners sent by Caithness Presbytery.
It is hard to condense these six days into a few sentences, but here are some of my highlights.

The first would be the address given by the retiring Moderator - the Very Reverend John P Chalmers - who talked both wittingly and seriously about his year as Moderator and the visits he and his wife had made both at home and abroad.  He also talked about the future of our Church. 

On Sunday, I attended the service at St Giles Cathedral, lots of pomp and ceremony, wonderful singing, and a short address by the new Moderator. After the main service, and the dignitaries had left, a communion service was held - a smaller service but in a way a more meaningful experience.
Later in the day I went down to Princes Street Gardens to be part of "Heart and Soul"  -  some of which you may have seen on television.

On Monday morning, Communion was held at the Assembly, among the servers were several young folk, it was wonderful to see so many of them there.  Several of them spoke during the debates later in the week, and there was no doubting their abilities or the fact that they each had a strong faith which they willingly shared.

Among the many reports received and debated, my saddest moment was when a guest Minister from Nepal spoke of the day his country was struck by earthquakes. His story of the fear when the first rumblings were heard and how he rushed home to make sure his family were safe was heart rending. We rejoiced that he and his family were safe but grieved with him over the many who had died and the uncertain future for his country.

Assembly week was a time to enjoy worship in both prayer and praise - wonderful praise with around a thousand voices raising the roof of the Assembly hall. A time to hear about the work of the church here and around the world, a chance to meet old friends and make new ones.

A week to remember!
Sheila Cormack

In my Father’s house there are many Mansions:

Our sympathy to the families of,

 Margaret Shearer who died on 3rd April 2015 in Pentland View Care Home.

 Margaret and Bill were the first tenants  in 1 Dwarwick Place and just moved to Thurso recently.  Margaret was a member of our Guild for many years, serving as President from 1988 to 1991 and again from 1997 to 2002 and in between she served as Vice President.

Margaret Sutherland (nee Pajak) who lived in Castletown, died on 17th April 2015 in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary aged 68. 

Jean Cossar (nee Henderson) who lived at 6 Dwarwick Place (formerly of Brough)
 died on 8th May 2015 aged 83.

They will be sadly missed by all their families and everyone who knew them.

Britannia Hall Committee     invite you and your friends to the Annual Marymas Fair.
If anyone  is able to help with the setting up (thurs/fri) and/or  able to help on the day
please contact:   Margaret Calder, Beach View, Westside, Dunnet.  Telephone:  851 340. 
Our next committee meeting is on Monday 29th June at 7 o’clock.
Usual Marymas Competitions:      Photographs (categories yet to be decided)
Junior and  Adult Baking 
                    Children’s Art and Crafts
Bottle Stall – George & Anne        Baking Stall – Susan        Bric-a-Brac - Patreen   
See poster nearer the time for more information on Competitions, Stalls and Events.
All funds are raised for the upkeep of the Britannia Hall.

NAN’s Soup & Sandwich Lunch      Grateful thanks to everyone who supported our annual fundraising event on 28th February – a total of  £510.00  was raised for Church funds.  Thanks to everyone who made Rolls/Sandwiches and Soup, (and the Pans of Soup which Saved the Day!) and to All who donated to the Baking, Bottle & Bric-a-Brac Stalls. 
Also special thanks to All who helped in any way to make it such a successful  day.

The Guild
Meetings will resume on Thursday 1st October at 7 pm - we will be delighted to welcome new members and friends who wish to join us.            Sheila Cormack, President.

Messy Church
Crafts and Fun for all children 3 - 9 years of age based on a Bible Story. 
Meetings will resume on the first Saturday of  September.  All children to be accompanied by an adult.
Please contact Ruth Manson Tel:  01847 851 327 for more information.    
Northern Loops All Age Knit Group      
Please note that meetings in the Church Hall have been cancelled until further notice. 
Spinning Classes    are held in the Britannia Hall on the first Sunday of the month   
from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.  If you are interested please drop in and see us. 
For more information please contact Ann Johnson  Tel:  851 366

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal
Hand knitted Adults/Children’s Hats. Scarves and Gloves always welcome.  Thank you.
There will be more info about the Shoebox Appeal in the October Newsletter.    Patreen

Post Office in the Britannia Hall 
Wednesdays   3 pm – 5.30 pm    and    Saturdays   1.30 pm – 4.30 pm
The Post Office is open unless the Hall is booked for something else.

Open Meeting in Canisbay Church Hall   on Wednesday 17th June at 7 pm to explore setting up a drama club for all ages and skills – actors, musicians, stage hands, scenery makers and painters, costume makers, someone to make tea, etc. etc.  Anyone from Keiss to Castletown  who are interested are welcome to come along.  The benefits would be building community teamwork, building confidence in children and adults, and having fun.  For more info please contact Lyall  Rennie.

Freswick Castle  an informal time of worship is held on the last Sunday of the month at 6.30pm.  The Service lasts about 45 minutes.  There are refreshments after the Service.  Please note there is a spiral staircase to climb and no disabled access.

Dunnet Forestry Trust   are having a Family Event on Sunday 5th July called ‘Tuf Mud for Wee Warriors’ which takes the form of an obstacle course around the forest where everyone taking part gets as wet and muddy as possible!  See poster on the Notice Board at the Britannia Hall for more information or look on their website www.dunnetforest.org

Mary Ann’s Cottage   is open from June to September 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

RBS Mobile Branch      The Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Bank is in the Car Park at the Britannia Hall on a Thursday from 2.40 pm to 2.55 pm.  See their timetable for other stops.

The Highland Council Mobile Library  comes to the Britannia Hall Car Park every three  weeks.  Next date is Wednesday 17th June at 12.15 pm.  Check Notice on Display Board.

Prayer Diary for Canisbay, Dunnet, Keiss and Olrig Churches is available every month.

October Newsletter – anything of interest to Patreen by 30th September.