Canisbay newsletter

Keiss Newsletter, May 2013

Our Guild
We celebrated our Guild's 100 years in April with a lovely afternoon tea in the
Norseman hotel, Wick, and also got a group photo cutting the cake which was made
by Irene Mackay.
We meet from April to September on the second Tuesday of each month in the
Church hall from 7.30 to 9pm, with a speaker or demonstrator followed by a cup of
tea. The Guild is open to men as well as women and is an enjoyable evening.
You are welcome to come along to any meeting or come and join, we look forward to
seeing new faces. The agenda for the next few meetings are as follows:

April 100 years celebration
May 14th  Kenny Campbell Watten
June 1Ith  Guild Rally in Keiss Church.
July 9th  Ann Johnston, Dunnet ﷓ Spinning
Aug 13th  Izzy Currie, Castletown ﷓ holiday film
Sept 10th  Mrs Mappin, Watten

The Trustees report and financial statement is displayed in the Church, a copy is made available to everyone at our annual stated meeting. We have met all our financial commitments this year with £1151 to spare. This has been achieved by a very small congregation and 1 thank you all. We have been very frugal in our church maintenance; a mere £3 11 and Pulpit Supply has been very small as most of this work has been done free of charge and we are very grateful to all our supply preachers.

Church Building
Our big concern is the lack of people under the age of retirement, who do not support the Church, and how we will meet our commitments in future years. We can expect large maintenance costs in the not too distant future; namely the Church will need a new roof, the building suffers from dampness through the walls and the belfry needs maintenance. We have no emergency doors and no wheelchair access, and we feel this is a priority.

Appeal for Support
Anyone not attending the weekly church services, but would like to regularly donate to the Church, can be supplied with weekly or monthly donation envelopes or direct debit if wished. All donations can be gift aided. It is your Church and we would like you to join us. Please give to the annual appeal to keep your church open for the next generation